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distributing cloud computing to generate heat where it’s needed

A new German company called Cloud&Heat has reimagined cloud computing to double as a heating service for residences, TechRepublic reports. The company places a secure server cabinet in the residence and conducts necessary maintenance (once or twice a year) at agreed times.

server cabinet from Coud&HeatThe Coud&Heat secure server cabinet

Not only does the unwanted heat find a home, but the traditional cost of cooling cloud servers is avoided. The cost of heat from Cloud&Heat is in line with traditional heating systems, and space-wise it looks to be comparable as well.

What a great idea. Their next step is obviously to think about the design of those cabinets for homes…

soccer field: powered by players footsteps, or not?

You may have read recently about Shell’s renewable energy project in Brazil. It’s a soccer field lined with peizo-electric tiles that capture energy from footsteps. While the project was reported excitely (in FastCo.exist, BBC, Gizmag and others), just recently Alex Epstein, in an article for Forbes, has “done the math” to show that the footfall-powerContinue Reading

Let’s Talk Fiber

Let’s Talk Fiber

This month a few fashion and textiles projects have been coming across the desk–raning from yarn, to bamboo to cotton cloth. First is this “upcycler” who’s turning men’s cotton, button-up shirts into kids clothing. Kallio, based in Brooklyn New York, works on sustainability throughout the whole supply chain, including making the clothes locally. Next upContinue Reading



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